Internet PIN Debit

Internet PIN Debit
The security and convenience of PIN debit comes to online shopping.

Acculynk brings the convenience and security of PIN debit to the Internet with PaySecure, a software-only service that allows consumers to pay for online purchases with their debit card and bank-issued PIN.

 How It Works

  1. At the merchant checkout, enter your debit card number as usual.
  2. When you see the PIN pad, use your mouse to click your PIN.
  3. After every click the secure PIN pad scrambles keeping your PIN safe.

In the U.S.

When a consumer uses their debit card at a participating merchant, PaySecure’s patented, graphical PIN-pad appears at the checkout for the option of PIN entry if the debit card can be used with a PIN.  Consumers enter their PIN using their mouse or hit Cancel on the PIN-pad to process as signature debit – preserving the choice they already get at the retail POS.


Internationally, there are significantly more debit card holders than credit card holders; with signature debit not available in many markets.  Acculynk provides a way to enable CNP transactions in these markets boosting in-country e-commerce.  Additionally, by enabling PIN-only debit cards for e-commerce outside of the US, Acculynk provides the many PIN-only debit card holders outside the U.S. a way to transact with U.S. based merchant sites.  In many markets where the credit infrastructure is not fully mature, activation of debit provides an easy, scalable way to offer consumers a way to transact online.